The Top Ten Most Popular Dog Breeds in the United States

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What do you think are the most popular dog breeds? Dogs are by far the most popular pet species in the world. The bond between man and his canine friend has stood the test of the ages. Different  breeds have had the honor of being the most preferred and popular of all pet dog breeds. The Boston terrier had a very long run as America’s most preferred pet dog breed. It ranked at the top for 30 years in the beginning of the 20th century.

American Cocker Spaniels, Beagles, Poodles, and the German Shepherd have had extended stays as popular  breeds at the top lasting for more one decade.

Labrador Retrievers have been ruling American hearts since 1991 and have consistently stood out as the most popular canine breed year after year. Let us take a look at these breeds in the United States.

Here are the Top 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds In United States

  1. Labrador Retrievers – As mentioned above, the most popular  breed in America for two decades now. Equally popular in Canada and the U.K. In fact, this is widely considered to be the most popular breed in the world. Any list on the top ten, begins with labs.
  1. German Shepherd – This large dog, also known as Alsatian, has been going strong as a top  breed for close to a hundred years now. These animals are active, self-assured, and protective by nature.
  1. Yorkshire Terrier – The British cousin of the Boston Terrier, this plucky breed punches above its weight and has been winning hearts year after year. It has a soft silky coat, and barks a lot. You will find this as a fixture on top ten  lists.
  1. Golden Retriever – Across most American cities such as San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, and Denver you will find Golden Retrievers as a very popular dog . Their loyalty and temperament make them ideal family pets. Indeed, a worthy entrant into this list of top  breeds in America.
  1. Beagle – Beagles have been a consistent top-5 ranker in lists for the top  most popular  breeds. These dogs are hounds and amongst the most well-represented breeds in literature. Known for their legendary sense of smell and amiable disposition, they have consistently found favor with pet owners.
  1. Bulldog – The latter five names in a list of the most popular dog breeds will invariably contain the Bulldog. This pugnacious and beloved breed has never gone out of fashion. Their expression, easygoing nature, and renowned slowness to learn things make them adorable for millions of dog lovers.
  1. Boxer – This breed from Germany is like a well-loved old classic in literature. It is known for its abiding love for its masters. They are willing and intelligent learners. One of the most lovable members in this list of the top ten most popular dog breeds.
  1. Dachshund – The badger dog from Germany has a dedicated following all over the world. You will find it on any list on the most popular dog breeds. They don’t think twice about challenging larger dogs. Their playful nature manifests wonderfully when your house has a yard where they can run around.
  1. Poodles – The poodles enjoyed a reign at the top for 22 years, from 1960 to 1982. During this period they were leading the list of the top ten breeds in America. Poodles are considered to be a highly intelligent breed. They learn fast, are agile, have many different coat colors, and look so very different.
  1. Shih Tzu – An ancient dog breed that has captured the interest of dog lovers in the U.S and is now one of the top ten most popular dog breeds in America.



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