How to Build a Fish Tank for your Home – An Easy DIY for Aquarium Lovers

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If you’re the type that derives satisfaction from doing work with his own hands and a fish lover as well, then read on to learn how to build a fish tank for your home. DIY custom fish tanks can be made at home. This is not a difficult project and if you have all the tools and follow instructions, you can be done with it in a couple of hours.


If you already know how to build a fish tank then you would also know that glass is by far the most popular material for building an aquarium and that the thickness of glass is an important cost consideration. As a thumb rule, it is better to err on the side of thickness; less chances of the glass cracking from water pressure or some inadvertent damage.


Material and tools required for a custom project include glass, silicone sealant, duct tape, razor blade, silicon carbide sandpaper, acetone, and marker. Needless to say all the stuff you use has to be non-toxic.


Get five pieces of glass cut to the desired dimensions as per the length and depth of your aquarium. Remember, the number of gallons of water you put in depends upon the fish species you wish to place in the aquarium. The size of the container depends upon the amount of water it is supposed to hold. Everything is linked. So think and plan before committing to anything.


Begin by smoothing the edges of the glass by buffing with the silicon carbide sandpaper. Mark the glass pieces to indicate the inside / outside as well as position of each piece, i.e. bottom and four sides. Clean the insides of the glass with acetone, particularly the edges where you will be placing the duct tape. Place the bottom pane on a solid and firm base. Proceed to fix each side of the fish tank. The procedure remains the same. The glass pieces are held in place with silicone sealant that you run down the ends where each glass piece rests on the bottom glass. Run the sealant again on the edges. Use duct tape to hold the assembly together till the sealant has dried. Give the sealant at least 24 hours to dry off completely. Then slowly fill the tank with water, let the tank hold water for 24 hours. Check for leaks. If there are any, then these can be plugged with some more sealant.


Before you begin, look up schematic and detailed  diagrams on the internet and get a few ideas before starting your project.. This will give you a perspective on things. You can also consider visiting relevant forums and learn how to build an aquarium, particularly if you are planning to install a large tank that may require braces or if you want to give a custom shape like a corner tank, to the finished product.


Now that you have the know-how on how to build a fish tank, you can keep some time aside on the weekend; get the tools ready, put on your goggles and gloves and just do it.






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